Is it healthy to take “GLUTEN FREE” diet?

Gluten free diet-healthy or unhealthy?

Now a day’s we all want tasty and delicious food in our diet but when it comes to eat the food, the term gluten comes in the mind of most of the people. Some people are unaware of the term gluten, but it is most important for every people to understand that what does gluten mean? What contains gluten? What are their effects on the health?

Generally, Gluten is protein composite found in rye, barley, wheat, and the related species of the plants. Gluten is what make bread rise, holds pasta together, makes the thick flour mixture of pizza so stretchy and it does the same thing to the human body as well if we take them as a food. It leads to various health problems, i.e. it can damage the intestinal lining and causes the immune system to malfunction. This then causes of whole host of other health conditions, including anemia, nutrient deficiencies which leads to celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

So, it is most important for all of us to avoid the food which has high gluten and should prefer gluten-free diet. Now here the question arises that what does gluten-free mean? Gluten free means simply the foods which are free from gluten. The easiest way to begin a gluten-free diet is to concentrate only on those foods which are naturally gluten-free which are fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, nuts, poultry, fish and the gluten-free grains such as rice.

If someone suffers from celiac diseases or intolerance, knowing what contains gluten can mean the difference between the health and discomfort. The simple and the only answer for them that wheat, barley, rye, spelt contains gluten. Some of the food like oats does not actually contain gluten, but during its manufacturing and processing it usually comes in contact with the gluten.

Therefore one should be very aware before taking food and it’s not like that you can’t take gluten diet but should try to avoid taking more gluten in your diet to enjoy a healthy life.


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