God’s most precious gift to each and every children of this world is mother. It is the most unique and priceless gift than any other costlier gift. She reserved the second stage after god in each and every child’s life, and why not, it is truly justified as how the mother feels much hardship and pains to produce a small $ beautiful life in front of this whole world. She faces every problems and difficulties that comes on her children’s path and make a small seedling to a huge tree. For mother her children are precious diamonds. The whole life and future of the children depends fully upon their mother. She will make or spoil her children as she wishes, because she is the first teacher in life of her child.She teaches discipline, morality, ability and nobility to her parts resulting into a good and strong citizen of the country. Mother’s every time cares, think’s and prays for her children bright future.,

So one must respect their mother and worship her as god. In my opinion the child who is unfaithful to her mother is unfaithful to god. There is no place in this universe for that’s type of child. Mother’s feet is the only heaven for each and every one children.so it’s truly said”janani janmabhumisha swargdapi gariyasi” love and care for your mother then god will care and love you.

🙂 🙂



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