To know poem’s name, read first to last

It’s a love story of a lover, read slowly not fast.

Only for him she comes to earth, only for his love she has taken birth.


If there is more than beauty, then she is for him

If there is more than loving, then she is for him.

Her shining of face make shy the sun, the moonlight disappears, if she is gone.


Her eyes are like dyna, lips are petals of rose.

Cheeks are red as cherry, she walks as a deer goes.

Her body is of glass, very care it had to take, he never touch her ever, for fear it will break.


She is like a lotus, glow in the mud

As a lovely flower, flow from the mud.

The flower had got their smell from her, instead of flower flies flow around her.


Under her hair, a black cloud lays;

He thought how much he praises, for her that’s less.

God has made her like an angel, all over the world, she is single.


Much kindness she has afford

She treats everyone same, be it poor or lord.

They enjoy their pleasure cry together in sad, she console him in failure in success she feels glad.


He loves to her more than that of ocean

Between love and life his love he had chosen

For him she is heaven every wonder’s wonder, he truly loves her like a mad lover.


He gave and takes life for her

He thinks and also breathes for her.

Within his heart his love lie, he thinks she loves him as she loves her.


He waits for a day to express her

How much he loves her to tell her.


To be continued………….

written by- Chandan Das



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