Creator of all is one- GOD

Do you ever thought what will be the full definition of GOD? In my opinion that will be GRANDMASTER OF DIVINE, and of course GOD is the almighty and creator, preserver of this whole world. God exists in different texture all over this universe, as Bhagwan worshipped by Hinduism, as Allah for Islam, as divine god (Jesus) by Christians, Waheguru of Sikhs.

That almighty has never been thought of these humans, before creating them that the almighty will be known all over the world by different forms, names religion, etc. when all human beings are developed similarly by the almighty, with eyes, nose, toungs, legs, hands, the blood flowing within them is of same color, then my question is that who gave the right to these worst creature’s to scatter the almighty into different cast, creed and religion.

I don’t think that when lord Ram and Lord Krishna comes to this world they told that they should be worshipped by the Hindu religion, Allah never decided that their existence in this world is only for the Islam, was Gurunanak dev has told all the Sikhs to take the responsibility of him? Or Jesus decided to come under the group of Christian?

Of course not they all are same and all should be worshiped by all human beings.

Now I want to throw light on the way of worship of the almighty by the so called human beings. Moving here and there in search of god, people spend lots of money, effort, etc. They sacrifice animals in name of offering to god, they leave everything and become sanyasi, whose meaning is that they are fully devoted to almighty, sacrificing their family, love, luxury, and all false relations.

Is it was really the true way to find the almighty and to worship him? I don’t think so, we have told and everyone knows that the almighty resides in our soul. We should worship him then and their truly from our heart, once in a day whenever we got time. We should spend those money, foods among the poor, help the needy persons, love every one and treat everyone as same, and lastly but not least we must respect our elders ones, our parents as well. Then what is the need of those empty rituals and to become a sanyasi. If everyone becomes hermitian, discarding connection from life chain, then one day there will be no one remains to preach that almighty and worship him.

So be free from these so called religious and rituals and worship that almighty from your inner heart and have faith in divine…….

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