On what YOU depends?


Actually we don’t understand what we say. We often say that person has a good luck and that one does not. But is that really the role of luck or it was the results of that person’s labour and hard work? Luck does not give the person success, but it is the hard labour which makes the person lucky.

Luck waits for success to knock at door, sitting at home, whereas labour takes every hardship on him like hammer strokes and lays the foundation of success.

Labour depending on character loves its independence, while luck not ever hesitates to move downwards depending upon chance. Even god helps those people who performed hard labour to reach their goal, not depending upon luck.

So it’s clear that human’s success is directly proportional to its efforts, hardships, focus, and of course confidence, which is only got by “labour” not “luck”…..

Do your labour and change your luck…:)..:)



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