How to install LINUX in your computer


Linux installation can be done in several ways……….

Here I am describing the most easy and popular way of installing Linux in your computer using the DVD – media………………..

1: insert Linux DVD in DVD- ROM, making sure that your pc- bios configured to use DVD as 1st boot device.

2: press enter to start installation.

3: if you want, you may test your install media, but it is not so necessary.(so skip it)

4: the installation wizard started. click next……

5: select the language and then keyboard layout and proceed next……

6: then select the custom layout.

7: Now you have full control on hard drive partitions.

8:- To add new partition – click on new button. Add partition dialog box will appear. Then select mount point (root).

Give the size – 10,000 or 14,000 mb,  then press ok .

9:- Repeat the steps to create following partition:

/boot: – 100 mb; swap: – 2 * system RAM eg:- 1gb =2024; 2gb = 4024;

 / :-10,000 mb; / home :- 10,000 mb.

Then click next button

10:-Then a box appeared signifying that your GRUB boot loader is installed on /dev/hdc (linux directory). Mark it and click next.

11:- now you can change your lan card settings , if you desire, otherwise click next.

12:- select your nearest location and configure the clock. Unmark checkbox ‘system clock uses UTC’ if other OS are installed on your computer. Click next.

13:-Then account box appears, where you must choose a password for root account and confirm it.

14:- then a box appear which helps you to select the number of software packages to be installed with linux.

So marks on customize now and on Desktop-Gnome and Desktop-KDE and then click next.

15:- Then a windows appear , where you have to choose some groups on the left like application, desktop environment, development, servers,etc. and its subgroup on right. Then press next.

16:- the system is ready to install – click on ‘next’.

17:- then the first start- the first boot –wizard appears. Click on forward.

18:- here you can edit the firewall settings if you want.Click on forward.

19:- then the SELinux windows appears, I recommend to deactivate SELinux – it can cause many problems, especially if you are using software from additional repositories. Click on forward.

20:- then finally your Linux desktop appears after your installation .



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