* The Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova has topped the rich female athletes list for ninth straight year. According to Forbes, Maria Sharapova has earned 29 million dollar between June 2012 & June 2013.

* Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos has agreed to purchase the Washington Post newspaper for $250m. The Washington Post has been owned by the Graham family for 80 yrs.

* Astronomers have discovered the lowest-mass exoplanet, GJ 504b around a sun-like star. The planet is several times the mass of Jupiter.

* Five Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistan in the area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

* Rupee hits record low of 61.80 against dollar.

* Raghuram Rajan appointed as the 23rd RBI governor on 6th august 2013.

* Microsoft has launched Office 365 for the part time and full time University Students in india.

* India Won one Gold medal and one Silver medal in the The World Games 2013 that took place in Colombia( cali) from 25 July 2013 to 4 August 2013.

* WhatsApp, an Instant messaging service has introduced a new feature one press voice texting