WordPress- Best platform to start your web journey

Most of the people especially the newbie in the field of blogging always think about the first stair of achieving the success in internet marketing. As there is a bunch of sites available now a day that assists the internet marketer to set up a powerful position in this rat race so it becomes hard which one to choose from. Here, could be a helpful suggestion to all the online business person who want to create his/her first blog for personal or for business issues.

If you are a serious internet entrepreneur and want to set up your goal for the future then you must have your own site or blog to start with. Most of the people know about the personal blog, but they don’t get the idea of where to make it from. As this question asked by many people from time to time WordPress.com offers the simple and perfect solution to them by offering their smart services. WordPress generally offers two platforms for their users to choose.

1.Free hosted blog platform
2.Paid hosted blog platform
The first one is the free hosted blog platform offered by WordPress.com. This platform is free for the user where they can create an account by following their simple instruction. After successfully login, you will be provided with a domain name like “Username.WordPress.com”. This blog is normally for the personal use and by choosing this option you are totally under the control of the WordPress.com. Here, neither you can install the plug-in of your own nor post advertisement of any kind but you can change themes, post your content and do many thing as you like. So, if you want your personal blog only to share your thought, your knowledge to your friends & family then this is the best option for you to start with. But if you want to move a step ahead from this then you have to move on with the second option that is Paid hosting blog from WordPress.org. Most online marketer and business owner go for this option because of maximum flexibility, customizations and full freedom of business. With this they can advertise their opportunities and the product to the entire world.

So WordPress is available for both free and paid form. Now the option of poll button is totally on you which option to vote and start with. If you can’t decide which platform to choose and how to start then there is nothing to worry about. Firstly, you can start with the free blog and can learn from A to Z of WordPress.com with its smart features and helpful instruction guidelines. Starting a blog with WordPress.com is very quick and easy. You can choose whatever niche or topic you like. For example, you can choose the topic of your hobby like gardening, photography blog, etc. After awhile, it will be somewhat easier for you to decide whether you want to stick up with the free blog of WordPress.com or move with the paid blog of WordPress.org. So don’t waste your time in thinking just Switch to WordPress.com now and get your blog done within a minute. You people won’t like it if you won’t visit so come and take a look.